Want to look and feel better? My name is Joe Whittaker, I’m here to show you how

I use cutting edge science and nutritional therapy to help you achieve vibrant health & well-being.

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Clinical Nutritionist

MSc Nutritional Therapy
(University of Worcester)

Qualified Nutritional Therapist

Qualified Personal Trainer

Scientific Researcher

Published in top academic journals

Currently pursuing PhD by publication

Research widely covered by the media

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine expert

Helped a wide variety of clients

Studying health & nutrition for 9 years

Nutrition & Health Consultations

One-to-one over Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp

A one-to-one consultation is the best way to optimise your health & well being. I provide highly individualised diet and lifestyle plans to maximize your health & well being!


I really needed help to stop snacking in the evenings. Joe gave me healthier and more filling foods, to keep me fuller for longer. I lost 5kg overall and couldn’t be happier! Joe is a true expert. I highly recommend him to anyone struggling with their diet.

– Miriam Amjad, Local Food Producer

I went to Joe for help with a chronic condition, that was really starting to depress me. His advice was simple but effective, and massively improved my health! I feel much more positive about the future now, and I am on the right track.

– Sean Wilson, Software Designer